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Stacy's Page

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This site is in Rememberance of Stacy Annette Hatfield
Stacy was born November 29,1977 and she passed away October 2,1997.  Stacy and I became best friends the first day we met each other in high school.  Stacy was a blessing from God.  Every one that knew her loved her.  She was happy, kind, and loving.  God has his reasons for taking Stacy so early in life, and those of us that love her will miss her for the rest of ours.


Stacy's Poem
  Written by April Ray October '97
Not long ago, you and me
Forever Best Buddies we would be
Not long ago secrets we did share
A friendship like ours is oh so rare
Not long ago our souls did part
Oh this sadness fills my heart
Not long ago you left me alone
I understand, God called you home
Not long ago our friendship began
I know in Heaven we shall meet again.