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About Stacy

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All about Stacy.....

Stacy accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior when she was a young girl.  She was most proud of the fact that she was a Christian.  She was also involved in Karate.  A great singing voice allowed Stacy to sing in the high school choir, and the school's show choir.  While in high school she was also involved in Student Council, The year book staff, Tennis, and Softball.  In college she was a memeber of the Student Activities Board.  Stacy's family was important to her, she enjoyed their family time and going on family vacations.  It was on one of their family outings that she bunjee jumped for the first time.  She also enjoyed riding 4-wheelers and she was a great poet.
Stacy's parents The Reverand Bobby and Janice Hatfield and her little brother Dusty were the most important people in her life.  She now has a little neice that Dusty and his wife Quinna named Ramey Annette.  I know that before God sent Ramey to Dusty that Stacy had a chance to hug her, just as I believe that before God sent my daughter Raylee to me Aunt Stacy had to hug her and tell her a few secrets about her mommy.


Stacy's favorite flower was the Daisy.  Her favorite food was Taco Bell.
Her favorite car was a Mustang.

Some of Stacy's favorite songs:
The Lion King Songs
Candle in the wind
Angel Eyes
Butterfly Kisses
Because you loved me

Some of Stacy's favorite movies:
Dazed and Confused
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid